InfraRedEye 1.05

Use a remote controller to control your PC


  • Easy to configure
  • Provides an interesting way to control your PC


  • Only compatible with AverMedia devices
  • Takes a lot of practice!

Not bad

If you're fed up of sitting glued to your keyboard and mouse and fancy a more relaxing way of using your PC then InfraRedEye could provide the answer.

The program lets you control the execution of programs, volume control, mouse handling and simulation of keys on the keyboard remotely, in a similar way as you would with a TV controller.

Unfortunately the program only supports the AverMedia controller at present, but it's pretty straightforward to configure via a step-by-step wizard.

Using the controller itself takes a little getting used to though, and it's far more complicated than working a television. If you have the persistence however, you can train yourself to navigate your computer in a whole new way, making it particularly useful if you have a large screen and use your PC as your home entertainment centre.

InfraRedEye is a simple program that lets you remotely control your computer. The main purpose of this program is to control the computer in the same manner as you do with the TV, VCR, HiFi and similar equipment with a simple infrared remote.



InfraRedEye 1.05

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